How to Clean & Care for
Tahitian Pearls

As all cultured pearls, Tahitian pearls are not fragile, but they do require particular care due to their organic nature.
Read our 5 tips to keep your pearls healthy through time and against the elements.

Photos : A. Nyssen – © Alain Brochet

1. Look after them regularly

Pearls are produced by a live body. They contain, among others, calcareous
crystals which are sensitive to the acid attacks of cosmetics, sweat, dry air and
ambient pollution. For these reasons, Tahitian pearls must be regularly cleaned
and moisturised.

2. Protect them from abrasion

Cosmetics, sweat, sand and sea water can discolor and wear out pearls. To prevent these attakcs, put on your make up before your jewellery, which reduces contact with these elements. When you take them off make sure you carefully wipe your pearls with a dry cloth before putting them away.

3. Clean them gently

Use clean water or a very mild soap solution and carefully wipe with a clean cloth.
Alternatively, you can also use Black Pearl Research care kit. It contains 100% natural, 100% biodegradable wipes. These are free of allergens and specifically designed for pearls.

4. Store them with care

To avoid contact between pearls, it is important to store each piece of jewellery in a separate soft or padded pouch or better yet, in a hard jewellery case..

5. Wear them!

These tips should not keep you from wearing your pearls. Tahitian pearls are beautiful when worn. When stored for long periods of time, they are also likely to lose some of their shine. So, go ahead and fully enjoy your Pacific jewels!


Birth of The Pearl

Coming from the most beautiful lagoons, produced in oysters with the help of man, black pearls of Tahiti were to become a unique luxury item.


How to Choose Pearls

When choosing Tahitian pearls and pearl jewellery, several criteria come into play: the gloss, the surface, the shape, the color, the size and the mother-of-pearl.


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