How to Choose Pearls

To select your black pearl of pearl jewellery,
there are several criteria to take into account:

The Gloss

It’s the radiance of the pearl, that should give. Gloss gives your pearl brightness and brilliance. A pearl mustn’t be matte.

The Surface

Being a product of nature, seamless pearls are extremely rare. Therefore, a top quality black pearl will only have a few imperfections. Pearls are ranked accordingly in 3 categories, A, B and C.

The Shape

Round, semi-round or shaped like a pear, baroque or circled, Tahitian pearls come in many different shapes. Rounds pearls are, of course, the most popular and expensive.

The Color

Picking a color is matter of preference. From black to gold, from grey to eggplant, from green to peacock, the possibilities are countlesss.

The Size

The biggest a pearl, the greater its values. A pearl’s average size varies between 8 and 13 mm.

The Mother of Pearl

Mother of pearl is the natural substance secreted by the oyster that coats the pearl. The thickness of the mother of pearl is a token of quality.


Birth of The Pearl

Coming from the most beautiful lagoons, produced in oysters with the help of man, black pearls of Tahiti were to become a unique luxury item.


How to Choose Pearls

When choosing Tahitian pearls and pearl jewellery, several criteria come into play: the gloss, the surface, the shape, the color, the size and the mother-of-pearl.


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