Tahitian Pearl

The Gloss

It’s the radiance of the pearl, that should give. Gloss gives your pearl brightness and brilliance. A pearl mustn't be matte.

The Surface

Being a product of nature, seamless pearls are extremely rare. Therefore, a top quality black pearl will only have a few imperfections. Pearls are ranked accordingly in 3 categories, A, B and C.

The gloss and surface of a pearl
The shape and color of a pearl

The Shape

Round, semi-round or shaped like a pear, baroque or circled, Tahitian pearls come in many different shapes. Rounds pearls are, of course, the most popular and expensive.

The Color

Picking a color is matter of preference. From black to gold, from grey to eggplant, from green to peacock, the possibilities are countlesss.

The Size

The biggest a pearl, the greater its values. A pearl's average size varies between 8 and 13 mm.

The Mother of Pearl

Mother of pearl is the natural substance secreted by the oyster that coats the pearl. The thickness of the mother of pearl is a token of quality.

The size and mother of pearl
history of the Tahitian pearl

History of The Pearl

For centuries, people had to get up very early to find a black pearl in Polynesian lagoons. Before the Europeans came, it was never a concern for locals.

How Tahitian pearls are born

Birth of The Pearl

Coming from the most beautiful lagoons, produced in oysters with the help of man, black pearls of Tahiti were to become a unique luxury item.

Where to buy Tahitian pearls

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